Welcome – Serve Beyond Yourself!

Announced in September 2013, Naperville Indian Community Outreach program has been working with City of Naperville to effectively connect and communicate with Indian Community. We have been working on many programs while participating in events as Mayors Representative to create awareness. This included publishing articles to educate citizens on Indian Customs and Festivals, building education program for enhancing Civic Participation and Social Awareness, working actively to increase participation of Indian Businesses, etc. The main vision of this initiative is form and be part of an all-inclusive society while contributing towards betterment of our great city. This will ensure not only a better life for us while even more for our next generation.

On behalf of Indian Community Outreach initiative and the Mayor of Naperville, Hon. Steve Chirico, I would like to thank you for visiting our Website. This program has been very instrumental in bringing the positive change to our communities and has been very well received by the Naperville Residents and Organizations. If you are interested in joining our fine team of volunteers, please let us know.I will look forward for your further engagement with this initiative and your suggestions.

Best Regards

Krishna Bansal  –  Chairman Indian Community Outreach ( Naperville Mayors Office)


Our Board Members

Why Work With Us?

In 1960, Naperville had a population of around 12000 and was more a farmland community. It was the hard work of Residents over the period of time that resulted in making this city one of the finest city in the country.
Today Naperville's population is ~150,000 strong. Indian American community is the largest minority and growing. As educated, successful, have traveled around the world and the residents of Naperville, it is our responsibility to help take the city to next level.
Success of local governments and organizations in America is due the fact that people volunteer their time knowledge. We urge you to get involved and help build the future for our next generations.

Our Plans

  • Serve as a bridge between the Indian American community and all other communities
  • Build higher levels of civic engagement
  • Coordinate cultural/social events through the year like the India Day celebration, Diwali , Holi, etc.
  • Organizing multiple educational forums to discuss Indian Business, Women and Youth issues.
  • Develop & distribute educational material for educating communities for civic awareness & social integration.
  • Recognize the diversity throughout the City of Naperville and shall; therefore make a effort to be all-inclusive.

How Can You Help?

  • Join as a Board Member. We meet once a month for a regular meeting. Board members are also expected to lead initiatives, meet more as needed as well as attend city events.
  • Join as a volunteer. Pick the initiative you like or any special skill you can provide.
  • Attend ICO and ICO partner events and represent Indian American Community.
  • Donate/Sponsor ICO eventst.
  • Spread the word. Encourage your friends and neighbors to volunteer.